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Cadmidium provide a range of services that can be tailored to meet specific requirements. 

We use proven approaches to training methodology ensuring cost-effective training is identified, designed, and delivered to meet the customer needs. We offer a range of Service Features which include:

  • Training Material and Media,  

  • Course designs to meet your objectives,  

  • Be-spoke targeted training material provided for ongoing use,  

  • Full analysis of training Outcomes and  

  • Evaluation Reports. 


In addition, we can provide other service features and benefits that can be issued upon request.  


Our courses can be flexible to meet your requirements, they can be delivered at customer premises, Cadmidium premises or remotely via our Cloud Based Training and research system. 


Using our purpose-built training facility, we can provide a hands-on training experience whereby students are able to explore the concepts and techniques required when working in highly technical and specialised environments. Our students gain a “real” understanding of technology within a real-life context.


Using our deployable training facility, we can bring the training experience to our customers. With our small form servers and software virtualisation, we can offer deployed standalone training or deployed integrated training aimed at enhancing the student experience.  


Using our Cloud Based remote training system students can attend training from any location including at home if they have access to the internet. 


Cadmidium’s bespoke course design service follows the principles of the NATO BI-SC-75-7 training directive and the UK MoD JSP822 Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT), bringing you high quality, industry standard training packages.


Our instructors are specialists with decades of hands-on experience of the technologies and subjects being taught. We believe that learning should be fun and therefore create enjoyable learning experiences through scenario-based training including virtual exercises.


Currently, as training specialists we offer a range of standard training packages including: 

  • Military Messaging Installation and Configuration.

  • User and Systems Administration training for common products used in CHAT solutions, such as M-Link​

  • M-Link (NATO JChat) Administration – Introduction*.

  • High Grade Messaging / CHAT solution troubleshooting methodologies and common problem identification.

  • XMPP Multi System Installation and Configuration.

  • Radio Communication principles. 

  • Tactical Radio Systems integration, deployment, and use. 

  • High Frequency Communications, Installation and Configuration.

Cadmidium are also the support specialists and trainers for a range of ISODE products, and we are continually expanding our portfolio in this sector. If you have any questions or specific requirements relating to ISODE products, please get in touch with a team member today.

*M-Link Administrator Training course is registered on the NATO training Catalogue under Course A9005

Let's Work Together

If you have a requirement that isn’t covered off by the above, please get in contact and a member of our team will be happy to discuss what you are looking for.

Cadmidium are on a range of framework agreements if this is more suited to your procurement process.


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Software Design and Implementation Services

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Cyber Security Services

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