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Cyber Security Information Assurance

Cadmidium’s Cyber Consultants have considerable experience in the development, initiation, and management of Information Assurance Compliance Programmes which:

  • Assesses our customers compliance with Information Assurance objectives, policies, and standards.

  • Acts as an impartial assessor of information system risks and identifying opportunities for greater business benefits through improvement to controls.

  • Conducts initial accreditation assessment and plan assurance approach for new Targets of Accreditation (TOAs) with the business.

  • Provide an independent opinion on whether Information Assurance control objectives are being met.

  • Provide Cyber Assurance Consultancy including the preparation of Risk Management And Documentation Sets (RMADS), Protective Monitoring schema, Sy Ops, Through Life Management plans.

  • Arrange, manage, and conduct ISO 27001 Information Security and Assurance Audits at Lead Auditor level.

  • Provide help and support with Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.

  • Subject Matter experts in MOD/GOV/NCSC security policy best practice including JSP440, 604 Device Hardening, Exercise in a Box.

Cyber Security Operations

Cadmidium’s experience in providing operational security to providing services centred on the day-to-day management of information and cyber security. Delivering the following services: 

  • The Information Technology Security Officer providing advice and guidance on Information and Cyber Security to ongoing business functions, projects and change management.

  • The Security Incident management function, Cadmidium have developed a mature set of processes to manage both Cyber and Personal data related breaches, ensuring that they were investigated, remedial and mitigating actions are undertaken.

  • Conducting cause analysis of common incident trends to develop targeted communication and training based on business functional areas.

  • Data Protection Officer, providing advice and guidance on all matters related to UK GDPR, DPA 2018.

Cyber Security Training

Experience has shown that many organisations and programmes have not fully embraced the security and information assurance requirements that need to be fulfilled to satisfy Government Security Standards and Policies, Industry Best Practise and the information resilience required by the organisation.

This results in capabilities that do not provide the correct level of information security or accreditation is gained late, inefficiently and at higher cost than is necessary.

Cadmidium can provide Cyber Security Training which aims to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to manage the Information Assurance requirements existing and new capabilities they emerge in your organisation. 

Benefits of the training:

  • Proven approach to training methodology ensuring cost effective targeted training.

  • Bespoke targeted training material provided for ongoing use enabling more effective management of Information and Cyber security policies and procedures.

  • Clear evaluation of identified business objectives and requirements to meet business objectives.

  • Improvement in skills and knowledge related to Information assurance and security to a well-defined standard.

  • Increased capacity to adopt best practise Information Assurance, Security and Cyber Security on existing and emerging capabilities.

Let's Work Together

If you have a requirement that isn’t covered off by the above, please get in contact and a member of our team will be happy to discuss what you are looking for.

Cadmidium are on a range of framework agreements if this is more suited to your procurement process.


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