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Our Site Co-ordinating Installation Design Authority Services (SCIDA) service supports customers systems and any other communication structures, where it is essential to maintain high levels of safety, resilience, and security. Our highly experienced SCIDA engineers conduct their work with the highest of quality, compliant with industry best practice, providing independent change and configuration control processes through complete oversight, inspection, and audit. 

Our SCIDA consultants work with you to navigate the complex world to understand the timescales, effort and activity required to get solutions hosted and secured to the relevant government standard, as well as obtaining the required level of assurance. 

There are 5 phases to this service:  

  • Phase 1 – Scope.  Assessing the as is cloud state, identifying requirements, capturing rack face layouts and identification of spare capacity –early intervention will prevent delays later.

  • Phase 2 – Design.  Offering a in house design service or scrutiny of existing design to identify JSP 604 Leaflet 4800, JSP 440 & SDIP 29 at an early stage.

  • Phase 3 – Build.  Ensure data centre Cloud equipment is installed to standard, Cadmidium can commission and install equipment. 

  • Phase 4 – Managed Change.  Our change process is aligned directly to JSP 604 Leaflet 4800, Cadmidium can offer a full SCIDA service and provide a fully managed service from service introduction through to decommissioning. 

  • Phase 5 – Inspect.  Full inspection and auditing can be conducted on request to ensure compliance. 


Upon initial service request, a detailed plan will be developed to meet your requirements. This plan will identify the appropriate components of service required to meet your needs and will provide a timeline, resources, and overall price. Please get in contact with us via our Contact Page. 


Our SCIDA team is conversant and compliant with the MoD ‘Engineer Change Request’ process 1 – 5.

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If you have a requirement that isn’t covered off by the above, please get in contact and a dedicated member of our team will be happy to discuss what you are looking for.


Cadmidium are on a range of framework agreements if this is more suited to your procurement process.

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