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In support of acquisition projects, Cadmidium routinely employ the CADMID Cycle: 

  • Concept. 

  • Assessment. 

  • Demonstration. 

  • Manufacture. 

  • In-Service. 

  • Disposal. 

In this cycle, Cadmidium focus’ on the Design, Deliver, Use and Disposal aspects within the technical services we provide. When providing our technical services to customers, Cadmidium always ensures it provides high quality outputs. We do this by: 

  • Identifying options around the initial concept from our customers. 

  • Reviewing the As Is Model, conducting gap analysis to enable formulation of the To Be model. 

  • Provision of Discovery Reports.  

  • Down select to single technical options and determine the requirements to support the solution. 

  • Define the support solution that best fits. 

  • Deliver the solution. Establishing an infrastructure and implementing the support. 

  • Go live with the support solution. Support and maintain throughout the length of the requirement. 


Cadmidium are widely recognized as having access to the premier set of experts for secure messaging, outside of NATO and the UK MoD. Cadmidium can provide a wholly holistic service, supporting customers with; solution design, product sourcing, solution build and integration, as well as the training and support needed for sustainability. Cadmidium provide solutions for messaging communications to the UK and its allies. These solutions are focused around: 

  • High Frequency (HF) Radio Communications .

  • XMPP Chat Communications (CHAT)​.

  • Military Messaging (MM) Communications​.

  • Negotiating Constrained Networks ​/ Local and Environmental Resilience.


Cadmidium follows strict system engineering processes to confidently deliver multiple engineering services to a professional standard. We offer multi level support provided by subject matter experts ​on the integration of systems from start to finish in any environment. Cadmidium provide professional engineering services through Multi Level Application. Our technical outputs are designed to align to ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015 Systems and Software engineering, system life cycle processes. Our technical experts will determine the appropriate process for your project, such as the Systems Engineering V model. This methodology employs the following criteria:

  • Concept phase. 

  • Determining the requirements. 

  • Working of the high-level designs to ensure it fits with the exact requirements. 

  • Implementation. 

  • Vigorous testing and verification processes. 

  • Acceptance. 

  • In service Operations and Maintenance. 

Let's Work Together

If you have a requirement that isn’t covered off by the above, please get in contact and a member of our team will be happy to discuss what you are looking for.

Cadmidium are on a range of framework agreements if this is more suited to your procurement process.


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