Cadmidium’s Training Service provides customers with training needs analysis; training design, delivery and evaluation services for all technical training requirements. We use proven approaches to training methodology ensuring cost-effective training is identified, designed and delivered to meet the customer needs.

We have delivered technical training to NATO and have had a 100% success rate. We offer a range of Service Features which include; Training Material and Media, Course designs to meet your objectives, Bespoke targeted training material provided for ongoing use, Full analysis of training Outcomes and Evaluation Reports, and many more Service Features and benefits that can be issued upon request. Our courses can be delivered at customer premises or at Cadmidium Premises.

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Training Case Study - MLink Administrators Course

Cadmidium are the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for NATO for JCHAT instant messaging services. Cadmidium are the sole providers of M-Link administrator training for NATO including providing on-site training in SHAPE, NCIA, the NATO Training Academy in Portugal, and at national specified training areas, as well as off-site training which can be held within our Secure facility.

In 2018 following the successful delivery of JCHAT 3.4.0 we were contracted as the SME to provide a training package that was compatible with the latest versions of software, ensuring all new capabilities were captured. We successfully completed this project by providing a Training Needs Analysis, List of Operational Performance Standards, Training Options recommendations, Course material and Pilot Courses in accordance with the BI-SC-75-7. This work enabled acceptance of the course onto the NATO Training Catalogue. Cadmidium have our own Deployable Training Rig allowing us to deploy and provide training at any appropriate facility in the world.