“Cadmidium provides specialist Information Assurance, Cyber Security, InfoSec & Solution consultancy services. We apply industry’s best practise and incorporate ISO 27001 into our security work. With extensive experience in MOD we are knowledgeable in many Security Policies, including JSP440, 441, 890, 891, 604, and many more. Our specialist teams include Certified Professional (CCP) consultants. Customers can cover their need for expert advice and assistance in meeting Governance, Risk and Compliance, Threat Protection, Threat Mitigation and Solution Management requirements.”

Security Case Study - MoD

Cadmidium have acted as security advisor, policy writer, process developer, solution reviewer, documentation reviewer, document producer and accreditor.

Cadmidium have been providing their security expertise and knowledge to a Large MoD Department to support the accreditation of systems and applications, as well as the development of secure solutions. This has required us to use our knowledge of MoD policy and processes, security best practice and experience of successfully getting solutions accredited.

The Large MoD Department have their own hosting environment consisting of production, pre-production, performance, test and development environments, which currently has approximately 25 hosted applications with new applications being designed and developed. By introducing a tried and tested methodology, which we helped to develop, we have provided the department with a mechanism to capture sufficient information about an application to support the onboarding and accreditation of an application to be hosted in the departments hosting environment.

The project works with many Industry Partners, many of which provide their own systems, some on prem and others in the cloud, to handle and process MoD data. We have worked with these Industry Partners to ensure that their systems and ways of working are secure enough to protect the MoD data and that sufficient documentation is provided to allow the system to be accredited.