Cadmidium Services are continually identifying new technology, testing concepts and developing products to improve UK defence and NATO military capabilities. With the Nikola Tesla lab situated within our Secure facility we can further the progression of our current research. Cadmidium also has the capability to support technical research that is required by our customers. Our latest project within our Research and Development portfolio is the collection of the test data for information transfer using Tactical radios. We are providing outputs that will enable optimisation of software data algorithms to provide efficiency, allowing for optimisation of low power emergency disaster relief and military operations communications, proving our Research and Development department as an innovative market leading area of the business.

Research Case Study– NVIS Radio Signal Propagation – Informing Data Throughput Software Algorithms

Cadmidium were approached by an industry partner to support their need to develop software algorithms for narrow bandwidth tactical radio circuits.

Using our knowledge and experience of radio propagation, antenna theory and design using tactical radios, we were able to develop a deployable test environment using Near Vertical Incidence Skywave antennas to generate test data over real radio circuit paths. Tests included transmitting and receiving data streams using NATO STANAG waveforms (STANAG 4539) using various data rates and interleavers. The data generated enables software developers to analyse results and fine tune their data algorithms thereby enabling greater date throughput and utilisation.