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Cadmidium prides itself in employing Project Management professionals with first class experiences and qualifications which include, but are not limited to; PRINCE2, APMP, AGILE, MOR and MSP.

We have a wealth of experience of delivering Project Management services to successfully deliver projects. This includes on and off-site - throughout the UK and NATO nations, ensuring requirements are met, developed, incrementally improved and integrated.


We follow APMP principles and PRINCE2, AGILE methodologies, employing experienced, dynamic, and competent Project Manager professionals that are adaptable and exceed customer expectations.

Risk is a big factor within all projects, our Project Managers are trained and have extensive experience on the MoD Active Risk Management (ARM) tool. They effectively manage risks throughout the project’s lifecycle ensuring negative impact to deliverables are minimised and opportunities are enhanced. RAIDO is also integral to all that Cadmidium do, from Project Management to Corporate strategy.  

Let's Work Together


If you have a requirement that isn’t covered off by the above, please get in contact and a dedicated member of our team will be happy to discuss what you are looking for.


Cadmidium are on a range of framework agreements if this is more suited to your procurement process.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists


Software Design and Implementation Services

Technology Services

Cyber Security Services

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