Cadmidium has provided quality products and services to its many customers over the years.

Below you will see the types of projects that Cadmidium have been proud to deliver.

Cyber Vulnerabilities Workflow Management Tool

Delivering a Workflow Management Tool, from scratch, to the MoD Cyber Vulnerability Ops Cell. This was a short contract project that required AGILE software development methodology to be utilised. The project team consisted of; Project Manager, Requirements and Discovery Manager, Test Manager and a Software Developer. The application was accepted by the customer and a business development roadmap was presented to enable further interim updates and integration into the Secret network.


Supported the NCIA rollout of a new Air Command and Control Information Services (AirC2IS) software baseline at numerous Operational Sites. This involved the preparation, installation and testing, as well as knowledge transfer to CSUs and OPS on the changes implemented. The new baseline has constituted a major contribution to the maturity of NATO’s vital AirC2 capability by incorporating over 300 fixes and system improvements.

Tactical Radios

Cadmidium’s most recent research and development project has been within our specialist knowledge area of radio propagation and tactical radio systems. We were approached by the CEO of a third-party software vendor for assistance with research into data transfer over HF radios using STANAG 5066. The research involves collecting data to allow for optimisation of software algorithms to provide efficiency; this will allow for use within low power emergency disaster relief and support within military operations.


We are the SME for NATO for JChat. This includes the Factory Acceptance Testing of new XMPP servers, deployment support and integration verification and validation, End User acceptance testing, and continued through life support. We are also the sole providers of the XMPP server (M-Link) administrator training, developing course material and providing training to NATO personnel both at their on-site locations (SHAPE, NCIA, Portugal Training Facility) and off-site within our Secure facility.

ISS Delivery Manager

We provide the MoD with Tech project management support in the form of ISS Delivery Managers for Government Furnished Assets (GFA) to MODNet LOAP distribution across all MOD networks (UK and overseas). This includes providing support for New Style of IT (NSoIT) Base Platform Delivery and Electrical Certification Co-Ordination between 600 + sites across the MOD Estate liaising with Service providers, equipment installer, site leads, SCIDA, ISS CM, programme and project managers.